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Kaysee Renee Robichaud
25 June
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I am a writer of erotic fiction, often of a speculative or skiffy nature (though not syfy, ugh!). This is a place for me to collect random thoughts and stray ideas, and a nonetoosubtle attempt to increase my marketability (hey, a writer's gotta eat, right?).
"crushcrushcrush", "fade into you", "imagine", "she's lost control again", 1234s, 1980s adventure cartoons, adam's rib, adventure, alyson hannigan, ang lee, anime, anita mui, audrey tautou, austin powers, baby animals, batman begins, beasts, bleed like me, brad pitt, brit morgan, carson mccullers, cary grant, ceclia tan, chan-wook park, chasing amy, cherie priest, chinese cinema, christa faust, circlet press, clamp, clerks, clerks ii, clothes, comfy clothes, costumes, crouching tiger hidden dragon, dangerous book for girls, danny trejo, dark love stories, deep sea critters, eihi shiina, ella fitzgerald, enrico colantoni, erotica, exile in guyville, fantasy, firefly, flannery o'conner, garbage, gary a. braunbeck, grace kelly, hardboiled, helena bonham carter, his girl friday, holiday, in_the_mood_for_love, installing_linux_on_a_dead_badger, japanese cinema, japanese mythology, jennifer connelly, joan chen, johnny depp, joy division, joyce carol oates, juno, katherine hepburn, kill bill, korean cinema, kristen bell, lacuna coil, leather gloves, lingerie, liquor, lucy a. snyder, lust caution, lychee gels, lynsay sands, maggie cheung, manga, mazy starr, michelle yeoh, middleman, mike myers (back_when_he_was_funny), min-sik choi, mr. hands, natalie morales, norse mythology, notorious, octopus, oldboy, p.j. harvey, pam grier, paper sisters, passion, patricia briggs, people will talk, percy daggs iii, poppy brite, rawking out, read or dream, reading, rear window, red wine, remote, repo: the genetic opera, revolutionary girl utena, riot grrls, romance, rosario dawson, russian folktales, ryo ishabashi, sappy love stories, science fiction, sexy clothes, sexy spooky movies, she-ra, sherri s. tepper, shoujou, songs to blush to, songs to cry to, songs to giggle to, sparks and shadows, spicy tuna rolls, steampunk, strong female characters, sushi, sushi!!!!!!!!, sweeny todd, tako, the lucy nation, the prestige, the wall, the wrestler, the_heart_is_a_lonely_hunter, this flesh unknown, tim powers, tony leung chi wai, torch songs, tori amos, tragic love stories, veronica mars, wendy watson, where_are_you_going where_have_you_been?, white chalk, who slept with her?, wonderland quartet, woody allen, writing, yaoi