A Hot New Cover with a Story by YOURS TRULY!
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F. Leonora Solomon has been my editor with Ravenous Romance anthologies for years. We have worked together at least ten times. She's actually responsible for me sitting down to work on my vampire BDSM erotic romance series (starting with the upcoming In the Sin Room, which RR is currently considering). Her latest book is coming from a newer publisher, and I am happy to be involved. Are you ready for the cover reveal?

Squeee! I love this cover!

What's that, darlings? You want a little taste?

Check behind this cut for a sizzling excerpt!Collapse )

Interesting Reading!
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My writing bro, the big bad dark_towhead, has unleashed a new installment in his Considering Stories column. Today's object for consideration? Yellow Peril Stories: Then and Now. Hmmm. Some serious food for thought and well worth reading...

Drop Dead Sexy: Succubi Live in Seductress!
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Today, I am participating in Cleis Press' blog tour to help promote a wonderful anthology called Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire. Why am I doing this? Well, my eager questioner, that answer is pretty simple: I'm one of the contributing authors. (Squeee!)

I thought about the various ways I could approach this blog entry, and I decided to take a more global view to the topic. Instead of talking about how I came to write my contribution (because really who cares about little ol' me?), I thought I would instead take a look at the subject matter from an outside perspective and work my way in.

This anthology contains 21 stories about succubi. Nothing hotter than that in the worlds of paranormality and supernaturalness, right? However, the succubus comes with a lotta lotta baggage, and maybe we should consider that for a mo.

I probably don't need to mention that the succubus always takes a female aspect (the male version is the incubus). It should also come as no surprise that a succubus stems from an interpretation of women's sexuality. In the earliest tradition, the succubus is a demon who instills lust in otherwise pious folks. Should those pious folks succumb to the temptation, they end up dead or damned forever (or both). That part lives with us to this day, even the title of this anthology is Seductress, after all.

Break it down to the simplest elements and you get: a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and convinces you to be comfortable with yours is evil incarnate. How insulting is that?

In the wrong hands, it can be incredibly nasty: misogynistic, fill-in-the-blank-phobic and destructive.

In the right hands, though? In hands interested in molding thoughtful stories and intriguing characters? The succubus can become something truly fascinating. The baggage is there, as with any supernatural beasty—vampires were merciless, amoral, bloodsucking fiends until Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire and John Shirley's Dracula in Love came along to breathe some freshness into the two dimensional shell.

What about the succubus? There's a creature dying for a makeover! Well, I can think of at least two paranormal series that try.
One would be Jackie Kessler's Hell on Earth, which tells the story of Jezebel, who flees hell and hides out as an exotic dancer on earth, while trying to be human. Dark yet funny.
The other would be Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series. Starting with Succubus Blues, Richelle Mead offered us a look at another side to the demon. The books combine Bridget Jones sass, Devil Wears Prada zing and supernatural sexiness in a delish cocktail.

These both bring freshness to our poor belabored succubus, helping her claw out of the negative stereotype and into something far more interesting.

I believe Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire takes this a step further. The width and breadth used by these storytellers are quite surprising. Just about any one of these tales could be expanded into a full on novel or series, and if the authors were to try, I would certainly give it a read. However, the joy of an anthology is not being immersed into one imagination, it's a chance to savor dozens of imaginations. Sometimes, the stories will share themes or motifs, sometimes they will be wildly different. Some make us grin, others touch us deeply, and (at least with these) all of them are trying to make us a little happy-squirmy. Really, what could be better than that?

Do succubi deserve a chance to live and play outside the "ooooh, eeeeevil" ghetto? I'd say so. Why not give Seductress a read. I'd love to hear what you think.

Wildfires: A Twice Told Tales Release
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Do you love dragons? I sure do. I wrote a sexy, sexy story about them, and Twice Told Tales has published it!

Wildfires tells the story of a paranormal research team looking into the Texas droughts. Meteorologists say it's due to natural factors, but they don't know the whole story. What's really going down has something to do with ancient Aztec gods, dragons and a little bit of magic. Sex, romance, humor, thrills.

Wildfires is the first time my name has appeared alone on a book. It's a short story, but it's one I'm rather proud of. I'm happy beyond words that Twice Told Tales has released it for my readers!

Started On Something Beeeeg
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By now, five of my stories have been accepted at Ravenous Romance. I first showed up on RR's radar in 2005. When I moved to Texas, I submitted and was accepted into the anthologies Beach Boys: Tales of the Gay Boys of Summer and Women of the Bite (the latter of which went on to nab a finalist slot for the Lambda Literary Awards). Now, I'm appearing in My First Threesome (2012), Geek Love (2012) and the upcoming Snowed In For The Holidays (due out in 2013). Another three of my sexy romantic stories are in RR slushpiles, as well, hoping for a space in anthologies about bad boys, vampire virgins and erotica's dark side. Those stories were fun, fun, fun to write, and I love them all. But they have successfully gotten me something new: an editor at RR who really seems to like my stuff.

I've been professionally friendly with quite a few editors, since I started publishing in 2008. But this time, I've got one ASKING ME FOR A FULL LENGTH PROJECT. Squeee!

When I am alone in front of a mirror, I often stop and say my name, followed by "novelist." It's been a wonderful dream, and I hope that it turns out well!

So, I've been working on a novel proposal. I have a rough, rough outline and I'm two chapters/7500 words into the manuscript, chugging along at a pretty good clip. The working title is Confessions of a Masked Maiden, and it's got everything I love about romantic erotica.

Everything I love period, actually . . .

At its heart, Confessions is the story of Mayim Hawthorne, a webcomic designer who is down on her luck, getting a chance at getting out from under debt, fear and self-doubt. Of course, there're some sexy goings on, a hot romance, and plenty of eye candy . . . err brain candy. It's got characters I'm enjoying getting to know, situations that make me cringe or giggle maniacally or get all squirmy at. Luckily, I cringe/giggle/get squirmy at the right times, and I hope my editor and readers will, too.

I'm aiming to make Mondays my "Catching Up with Confessions" day here, so I hope you will all join me. This blog has been underused, but that's going to change!

Gods, Save The Mark!
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Oh me, oh my!

There's been a bonanza of updates from the KRR fiction factory (lol), which I am pleased and proud to report. I'll do this over several posts, though so as not to bombard people with mememememe news (as well as give me a bunch of post ideas to get back into the swing of this journal-thing). :)

First off, my story "Tricksters are Made, Not Born" has been unchained (like Django, yum!) and unleashed upon the world. This fast paced, funny, paranormal erotica story about divinity, sex and con artists appears in the recently released Like a Cunning Plan anthology from Circlet Press!

Check out this yummeh cover:

Like a Cunning Plan

It's available from amazon and All Romance, right now, and other eBook retailers soon!

Nightmare City: My Flirtation with the Dark Side
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So, I've been having nightmares, and it likely has something to do with the latest story I've been working on. Though my regular readers might not suspect it, I have a secret lurve for the scary stuff--though certainly not all of it.

In fact, the first story I wrote that was accepted for publication was a vampire-ish piece about a destructive fling that starts with (consenting!) rough sex and ends with a little murder. It was hot yet challenging reading. My writing group was divided over it--the ladies loved it but the guys loathed it. Success, I thought! An anthology's editor (who was actually looking for disturbing, erotic vampire stories) also loved it, but trouble came to paradise when the publishers thought it was too much. Apparently, my idea of disturbing was too disturbing for them. They asked the editor to yank it (one of the nicest, most apologetic emails I've ever received). I was sad but happy, at the time. That story has yet to find a home (alas!), though I admit I'm hesitant to send it elsewhere.

Well, after a mess of whimsical stories (which have found homes) and some sad crime-type yarns (which have also found homes), I have delved once more into the dark place. Trying not to disturb, however.

I wanted to see if I could write a sex positive, erotic, scary story. I thought it would be simple. The story turned out to be a lioness, and this poor writer was an blissfully unaware antelope.

Really effective scary stories seem to rely heavily upon consequences. Sure, there are otherworldly intrusions into reality or crimes so horrible they cease to be "normal" and assume an almost otherworldly quality, but left to their own devices, these two descriptors could just as easily suggest fantasy stories. What sets scary stories (what some call horror) and fantasy apart for me, is not violence or nastiness (both of which appear in every other storytelling mode) but this notion of consequence or impact.

Now, a pair of examples--can you name the school of scary? Example 1: Long dormant supernatural eeevil has awakened, and the effect it has is a breaking down of the civilized mores/code of conduct (often in small towns). Example 2: Humanity builds a happy illusion about the way the universe runs, but when the Truth is revealed, humanity realizes its own insignificance and goes mad.

Now the relationship between sex and scares is pretty Puritanical. Slasher flicks and similar scare films make that abundantly clear, which is why so many of them are short sighted and kinda well boring. Even an otherwise enjoyable movie like Stir of Echoes cannot escape viewing sex as a pejorative term. However, that branch of horror fiction dubbed erotic horror also takes a page from this assumption. How many Hot Blood stories or hardcore horror novels can essentially be dropped into the "You had sex? Then die, Horny McHornykins!" chum bucket? A disproportionately large number. There are some writers who push past these limitations, but the sex-is-wrong/sinful/depraved trope is difficult to elude. If it's not up front in the cheap seats, it glares from the subtext. Ugh, I say. Ugh.

I wanted to make sex an integral part of my scary story, but I didn't want to fall into any sex-is-wrongwrongWRONG traps. I wanted to stay sex positive. Did I succeed? Hard to say. We'll see what the editor and publisher (and hopefully readers!) say.

However, I've been having nightmares about enclosed spaces and thunderstorms and running away from things no one was meant to know/see...as well as erotic dreams about mysterious lovers. Maybe that's a good sign?

So, how about it readers: what are your thoughts on dark fiction and sexy, scary stories? Any recommendations for sex positive spooky stories?

To get the ball rolling: Poppy Brite's Drawing Blood comes to mind--a sometimes sweet, sometimes terrifying m/m horror-romance. Joyce Carol Oates' modern gothic Beasts reveals a weird relationship between "sex as destroyer of innocence" and "sex as instrument of empowerment"....

I'm sure the list goes on. Help me out?

Some Saucy Jane Austen Fantasies!
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Coming Soon from Clasp (Circlet Press's new erotic romance imprint)!


Want a little Jane Austen-style erotic fantasy fiction? You should check this one out! It includes my own story "The Lamia's Proposal", wherein a certain prideful bastard from one of Austen's most popular novels finds his supernatural equal.

To get an inside scoop on the other contributors, check out editor J. Blackmore's blog!

Release date is currently set to be July 26th!

Fiction Excerpt: "Adrift" from Women on the Edge of Space!
Current Publication!
I've posted an excerpt from my story "Adrift" over at the Circlet Press Livejournal community. Each of the other authors in the book have done likewise. It's a great time!

New Publication and Author Chat
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There's a fun author chat over at the Circlet Press community! Stop on by and share some book recommendations for a chance to win the new anthology, Women on the Edge of Space!

The book is a celebration of lesbian space exploration stories!

Women on the Edge of Space

Table of Contents

Introduction by Danielle Bodnar
The Many Little Deaths of Cicilia Long by Shanna Germain
Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun by Laurel Waterford
Adrift by Kaysee Renee Robichaud
Unfolding Her Wings by Elizabeth Black


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